Responsive web design indicates a web design technique for the creation of a website that can automatically adapt graphically to the device on which it is displayed (computers with different resolutions, tablets, smartphones, cell phones, web TVs), minimizing the need for the user to resize and scroll content.

An always greater number of people are accessing the web via phone or tablet device. Responsive sites are designed to work on any platform as they can be navigated perfectly on any device. So, if you are accessing the site from your laptop, iPhone, Android or tablet, it will always be optimized and usable.

The Responsive Design technique is therefore a solution that can cover multiple visualization needs, so it is certainly the best technique for developing a web application.

All our sites are 100% responsive. This means that all the pages adapt perfectly to the size of the screen on which they are displayed and, in this way, everyone will have the possibility to view the contents of the site from any mobile device


The user can manage languages ​​and customise translations directly through the administrative interface. In this way different users can access the same instance of SYNABOX®, sharing its contents, but with different interface and related menu items translated ad hoc. Having a work interface that speaks the users’ language allows to break down communication barriers and make everyone work more efficiently.


Through the two-factor authentication module it is possible to have an advanced protection of accesses and interactions with the cloud.


The definition of writing parameters directly from the web interface allows to send parameters and modify the data of the machine from anywhere in the world.


Access to the individual functions of the system is managed according to the role concept. Every operator who wants to access the system must have a personal login and password. At each login certain permissions and roles are associated, so that the user accesses the relevant functions and in the envisaged manner.

Once the login has been made and the admission permissions have been established, the user will access the SYNABOX® home page, customised according to their role, and from there they will be able to access the functions that belong to them through a dedicated menu.


To access the plant control portal, a fast internet connection and a device with a standard browser are sufficient.

SYNABOX® is compatible with the most used browsers (IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and with the most popular mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

SYNABOX® is a Microsoft® Windows Compatible certified product.

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