Robopac is the world leader in wrapping technology with stretch film, with a production of over 9,000 machines / year, 90% of which are exported to the main international markets.

Robopac launches R-Connect, a technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connection, allowing complete control of machine operation and full support for the end-users.  It is a pioneering innovation in the field of semi-automatic machines – which Robopac makes available to dealers and especially end-users – but it is also a system upgrade that can be implemented on more advanced machineries. Powerful, plug & play and easy to use, R-Connect is a “turnkey” system for the end user: the primary benefit is the full “peace of mind”, that is the absolute tranquillity related to the operation of the machine, which includes verification of production performances and optimization of all management costs. The system allows to minimize downtime and manage maintenance operations in the best possible way, also providing for an immediate resolution of any problem, up to the whole and remote updating of the machine management software.

The Pieralisi Group is the undisputed leader in the supply of centrifugal decanters and extractors for oil separation. Today it presents itself as an integrated entrepreneurial system projected towards the global market and with a strong innovative attitude.

REMOTE CONTROL OF THE CENTRIFUGAL EXTRACTOR: With the TcP – Telecontrol Pieralisi service, the mechanical and electrical functionality of the centrifugal extractor is monitored 24/7 days a week. The customer can verify anywhere, and at any time, the correct operations of the centrifugal extractor, and receive real time maintenance notifications and anomalies. Furthermore, thanks to the Remote Control, the Pieralisi Service can carry out preventive diagnoses, provide telephone assistance in a rapid and effective manner, as well as propose process optimisations.

The MGA AUTOMATION is the result of the skills and experiences of the Bufarini brothers in providing turnkey customized solutions, spare parts and assistance for the automation and energy efficiency of industrial plants.

MGA AUTOMATION provides a wide range of electronic detection tools in industrial automation by merging technology and innovation to optimize production processes. Optoelectric, magnetic, inductive, ultrasonic and capacitive sensors. MGA AUTOMATION guarantees only the best, reliable, precise and resistant products to organize the best production cycle possible.

The company is part of the Hera Group, one of the most important Italian multi-utility companies operating in the environmental, water and energy services (distribution and sale of methane gas, electricity, and district heating).

The engineering services provided by ISAXIS have made it possible to modify the control logic and update the dosage operation of lime milk and ferrous chloride at the Disidrat sludge treatment plant at the HERA plant in Ravenna. After a series of preliminary inspections at the Disidrat plant, we moved on to the implementation of the new specifications and the release of the new control logic, through commissioning in the field.

SIMAM, Environmental Managerial Industrial Services, is a leader in Water Treatment, Global Service, Consulting, Engineering, Construction and Operation, Waste Management, Environmental Intervention and Remediation and Research and Development, supporting Customers in fulfilling legal obligations and relieving them of commitments that are not part of their core business.

For SIMAM we developed highly scalable telemetry and remote-control solutions, installed on modular industrial systems, allowing complete remote management of the processes and maximizing the levels of safety and reliability of the plants.

ISAXIS supplies its engineering services through the phases of design, development, commissioning and evolutionary maintenance of automation software, covering the entire supply chain that starts with field PLCs, continues with HMIs, involves SCADA stations in the control room and continues on Cloud Synabox platform.

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