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SYNABOX® is built so that each new employee can be active and operative from their first day of work. SYNABOX® has an intuitive and modern design, without giving up any important features.

To access the system control portal, a fast internet connection and a device equipped with a standard browser are sufficient.

SYNABOX® isystem is entirely cloud based and with a responsive interface, for this reason it is accessible from any device, anywhere in total freedom and security. Access to the individual functions of the system is managed according to the concept of role. Every operator who wants to access the system must have a personal login and password.

Each login is associated with unique permissions and roles, so that the user accesses their relevant functions in the modes specified.

SYNABABX® is compatible with the most popular browsers (IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

SYNABOX® is a Microsoft® Windows Compatible certified product.

ISAXIS SRL single member private LLC holding company

Via Flaminia Prima, 58
60027 Osimo (AN) – ITALY

Operations office: Via L. Albertini, 36 – 60131 Ancona

VAT number: 02677640423
REA n. AN: 206458
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E-Invoicing: T04ZHR3

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