SYNABOX® was created to monitor an infinite number of servers and workstations. Since this is not a problem for us, we see no reason why it should be for you.

We understand that you may have paid a lot for your current products and monitoring systems, so you may want to continue using the equipment you already own, this is why our solutions are designed to easily integrate with existing systems at any level.

SYNABOX® supports MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU communications at our gateway and accepts standards based on analogue and digital IOs.

Many of our products include integrated sensors and can easily be configured with existing sensors and systems. Every sensor is directly connected to the gateway via a secure wireless connection. The gateway allows you to monitor sensors locally or remotely and also features data collection and alarm options, including e-mail and text messages. All of our systems are easy to install and can generally be used by local maintenance personnel.

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