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Remote Wireless Data Management: web portal for data acquisition and management from remote sources, with the aim of monitoring and control the business strategic assets. Remote monitoring and control applications present a range of challenges. In recent years, new technologies and products have emerged to address some of these challenges, but in many cases these products are limited and provide only partial solutions. The variety and complexity of applications has driven a need for an equal variety of features. End-users want feature-rich solutions that they can configure to meet their unique needs, with the configurability to apply them as needed. The need to accommodate legacy systems as well as new installations has underlined the necessity of compatibility and configurability. End-users want products that incorporate as many useful features as possible to keep capital and maintenance costs at a minimum.

Receiving data of different nature, electronic signals coming from different sources such as machines, sensors and plants, as well as smart communication with operators on the field.
Commands and activations are transmitted on remote systems. A single command interface can interact with totally different systems.
Real-time data analysis and management with timely and automatic intervention. Process data and historical statistics for your business intelligence.
Thanks to the high configurability of the solution, you can adapt the behavior of the system to better respond to business needs.
Mash up
System designed to monitor and control in aggregate and homogeneous way different strategic assets.
High accessibility designed to create a comfortable environment that can be used by different figures with different specializations and tasks.

Featured works

  • Powerful
    See More Created and designed to maximize
    the performance and ensure an immediate reactivity
  • Flexible
    See More Expandable and reconfigurable system
    can support the continuous changes and operational needs
  • Plug & Play
    See More Easy to install, allows centralized
    control of all configurations of remote devices
  • Cloud Based
    See More Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices
    requires no additional installations
  • Modular
    See More SynaBox is a totally modular system
    adaptable to any use in a simple and intuitive way
  • Security
    See More Secure against cyber attacks
    communications are protected and guaranteed thanks to the certified TIER 3 infrastructure
  • Reliability
    See More Manage your system anywhere
    anytime with our high reliable system
  • Access Control
    See More The high degree of user profiling
    allows the operability and confidentiality of critical data at the same time


  World Wide
In cloud technology and data transmission modules based on internet network, cellular network and satellite networks allow to have a Worldwide coverage.
  Instant answers
A team of specialists and developers is always rapid and responsible to solve problems, to develop and provide support for the application.
  We take to heart problems
Each customer problem will be managed by an advanced ticketing system in order to allow the maximum support quality.
Our case histories from different sectors prove a high degree of reliability of the system, able to be adapted to any customers requirement
  On-site support
We will work with you to build and adapt the product to your needs.
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