ISAXIS SRL, always active in the Research and Development sector, offers remote control systems for industrial plants (IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things), through the use of its own cloud platform able to read the data of individual machines and remotely manage them. The hardware products are manufactured and certified for the industrial world and meet specific construction standards (temperature, humidity, etc.). The software platform offered is equipped with specific controls and monitoring systems calibrated for the industrial world, which is what differentiates SYNABOX® from the other products currently on the market. ISAXIS SRL IIoT 4.0 systems allow remote management of individual systems, through the Internet (from home or from secondary offices) or within the executive offices or production control in the same company. These systems work via APP, optimized for Android or Apple, on any terminal or device.

Currently, remote monitoring and control applications present one of the biggest challenges for businesses.

Despite the use of new technologies and devices and the use of new remote communication networks have enabled us to achieve important results, the products on the market in many cases are able to provide only partial solutions.

The variety and complexity of the applications convinced us to design a completely innovative and updated solution compared to what is the state of the art in terms of communication technologies. Users of these technologies today want functional solutions that can be easily adapted to different solutions and specific operational needs.

SYNABOX® has all these avant-garde features and is equipped with all the functions necessary to achieve an optimal result that allows to minimize investment and maintenance costs.

SYNABOX® was created to monitor an infinite number of servers and workstations. Since this is not a problem for us, we don’t see why it should be a problem for you.

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