Network of objects equipped with identification technologies, connected to each other, able to communicate both with each other and with nodal points of the system, but above all capable of constituting a huge network of things where each of them is traceable by name and in reference to the position.


It is therefore a technology that maximizes the capacity to collect and use data from a multitude of sources (industrial products, factory systems, transport vehicles …) to the advantage of greater digitalization and automation of processes, of the faculty to exploit machine learning and artificial intelligence to create new business and value services for customers and consumers.

Each of us, every day, unknowingly uses objects that can be traced back to the Internet of Things. These can be latest-generation watches, printers or home automation applications.

Everything, provided it has an IP address and a data acquisition and transmission network, can fit into the Internet of things.

The biggest challenge for the IoT is not so much the technologies as the vision necessary to understand how the re-engineering of the processes linked to the unique identification brings integration, speed and transparency to the company such as to impose new control regimes and efficiency at any organizational level.

The question is not so much whether to do it or not: the passage, in fact, is indespensable

Globalization, time to market, competition and digitalization are just some of the drivers of intelligent digitalisation that sees IoT as a platform that all companies will have to tend to sooner or later.

Currently, monitoring and remote control applications present one of the biggest challenges of the last few years. In many cases, the products on the market have great limitations and are able to provide only partial solutions, despite the fact that with the use of new technologies and devices and the use of new remote communication networks, important results have been achieved.

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