ISAXIS, founded in June 2015, carries out its activity in the Information Technology sector and provides design, development, production, maintenance, assistance and marketing services for hardware, software and IT platforms in general and for app development, telematics and network. Our highly qualified staff, differentiated for specific skills, always guarantees services that fully meet the expectations of customers.

Hardware and software solutions developed by ISAXIS, based on the most innovative technologies, provide advanced tools in the field of Knowledge Engineering and Business Intelligence intended as a Decision Support System.

Moreover, due to its academic genesis, ISAXIS provides consultancy for the areas of interest identified, making the methodological experience gained in the research field, certified by the authority in the production of training content, at the service of customers.

The respect for ethical values ​​is at the basis of all our actions and the philosophy that we adopt to carry out our projects.

Quality Research is our driving value. Quality of our products, quality of our employees, quality of our life. We want to improve the quality of what we do, increase our customers’ satisfaction and our efficiency, continuously improving our work environment, our way of cooperating and feeling part of a common project.

The values ​​we hold in particular are:

  • Total confidentiality regarding the technology used by the customer
  • Clarity in the relationships both during the planning and the contractual part
  • Availability to a personal relationship directly with the property

We are available to agree on confidentiality contracts, guaranteeing the non-disclosure of processing techniques or methods.

Our main objective is to contribute to the innovation and the development of the economy and the labour market in Italy.

ISAXIS SPA Sole proprietorship company

Via San Gennaro,28
60027 Osimo (AN) – Italy

VAT number: IT 02607070428
REA n. AN: 201185
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E-Invoicing: T04ZHR3

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