Through the administration panel it is possible to create customized synoptics without any programming knowledge. It is in fact possible to replicate the same graphic interfaces present on the HMI of the machine in a simple and intuitive way. All operators could appreciate the functionality and ease of use of our panels.


The system integrates directly on the web interface the VPN connection module to the local machine network. It is a system to remotely access all the connected resources that allows to profile accesses in a controlled way and to simplify the management and updating of the machines, optimizing the data traffic. This platform guarantees safety and reliability for all industrial applications by offering an integrated connectivity service on 3 levels: remote data access, programmable control, supervision and network monitoring.


Only with complete, correct and understandable information you can plan your work and improve your performance. That’s why we have added the ability to create your own statistics dashboard in a completely customised way. Customisable dashboards through the integrated business intelligence module, which allows you to enter advanced formulas and configure statistical indicators on preset time sets related to the performance and efficiency of the machine.​


Configuration and management module for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance linked to machine signals in order to develop preventive and predictive maintenance. It has been specifically designed to facilitate the planning and management of maintenance and safety of company facilities. Every machine subject to maintenance is identified with a unique code and a description. Previous historical data can be retrieved and imported. The maintenance plans of each machine can be defined indicating activity and frequency (cyclical, season or counter) with which it must be carried out. Cyclical Preventive Maintenance Orders are generated automatically. Reports can be filtered and printed by site, category, line, date, etc … or automatically received via the Notification / Reminder service.


We create complete systems for the automation of machines, production lines and process plants of small, medium and large companies. Through careful planning, in full compliance with the execution times and with the help of updated software applications, our teams are able to transform the customer’s requests into high-tech solutions with a high quality of realization. If the machine or plant is not equipped with connectivity, an intelligent hardware module is installed in order to exchange data between the cloud and the machine through the most common standard field communication protocols.


All the cloud functionalities are profiled and managed through permissions that can be linked to the individual user or to specific user profiles. It is possible to define users able to use only specific areas and it is possible to trace all the actions performed by each user and, eventually, to go on to perform the tuning of the privileges associated to each one. The control system allows the administrator to know which operations have been performed by a particular user during a specific period of time. The management of security and access to information is based on the Roles system. This greatly simplifies user management, for which it is not necessary to recreate a profile each time, but simply associate one already present.


In Real Time Analytics data collection, monitoring, results visualization and alerts are built to bring information faster and in real time. In different sectors, therefore, specific platforms, a synthesis of skills and multi-sectorial technologies, combining the areas of Business Intelligence, IIoT, Big Data and Cloud solutions are required . The powerful historical data visualization module allows tabular and graphic consultations on time intervals with advanced filters.


Management of manuals, wiring diagrams and specific documentation related to the single machine or linked to the machine model with management of the different configurations and versions. It is much more than a simple document archiving and management software: it is a complete platform for intelligent management of processes and information connected to a specific machine or plant. We wanted to go beyond the traditional concept of document system to offer pleasant and efficient operational support. You can dematerialize all paper documents, and easily search and find the right document at the right time, analyze information, organize and manage document processes, also involving actors outside the company and consult all documents anywhere.


Alarm management is one of the most rapidly evolving issues in plant automation. The objective is the reduction of risks, the safety of personnel and the environment, the need to improve and optimize the alarm systems present in the system. The alarm management module is connected to ticket management, with the possibility of activating alarms on any type of signal directly from the web interface. Reports of anomalies are sent through the main communication systems such as SMS, E-mail and cloud-based instant messaging services.


Through the advanced user management module it is possible to define categories of users that allow the construction of a functional organization chart that guarantees compliance with the hierarchical relationships between the different users.


We integrate our experience and expertise in Business Analytics with the ability to collect data from various structured and unstructured company sources, as well as from machinery sensor systems in the industrial field. We take advantage of our technological partnerships to develop solutions using the state of the art of data collection and management technologies. Using specific sensors, it is possible to monitor the characteristic variables of a specific production process (for example vibrations, temperatures, pressures, torque), analyzing the trends in real time and highlighting any situations of drifts of the standard behavior. Specific alarms notify users of anomalies, providing additional statistical information.


The location of the machines through cell based or GPS positioning modules is important for those who manage the maintenance of mobile machinery to instantly monitor their position to keep the situation of the installed park under control.

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