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With the TcP – Telecontrol Pieralisi service, the mechanical and electrical functionality of the centrifugal extractor is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The customer can verify anywhere, and at any time, the correct operations of the centrifugal extractor, and receive real time maintenance notifications and anomalies. Furthermore, thanks to the Remote Control, the Pieralisi Service can carry out preventive diagnoses, provide telephone assistance in a rapid and effective manner, as well as propose process optimisations.

Along with the Pieralisi Scheduled Maintenance plan, the Remote Control increases the lifespan of the decanter, enhances maintenance costs and decreases downtime.

The TcP allows to:

  • remotely view the operating parameters
  • optimize preventive component replacements
  • diagnose and, in many cases, solve problems with the Pieralisi service, without the need to intervene on the machinery
  • receive maintenance notifications on any anomalies via SMS, e-mail and Telegram,
  • archive the operation and configuration data of the centrifugal extractor
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