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Innovation and connection at the service of the customer: peace of mind of maximum productivity thanks to the continuous monitoring of the seamless performance of the machineries.


Robopac launches R-Connect, a technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connection, allowing complete control of machine operation and full support for the end-users.  It is a pioneering innovation in the field of semi-automatic machines – which Robopac makes available to dealers and especially end-users – but it is also a system upgrade that can be implemented on more advanced machineries.


Powerful, plug & play and easy to use, R-Connect is a “turnkey” system for the end user: the primary benefit is the full “peace of mind”, that is the absolute tranquillity related to the operation of the machine, which includes verification of production performances and optimization of all management costs. The system allows to minimize downtime and manage maintenance operations in the best possible way, also providing for an immediate resolution of any problem, up to the whole and remote updating of the machine management software. The device can be installed directly on the machine or integrated later. The Robopac machines are already set up to host a specific Gateway that sends all the information in real time, making it available on the Cloud, along with statistics that can then be used via a simple internet connection from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

In summary, therefore, the main objectives that can be achieved using R-Connect are: production enhancement, thanks to the assessment of the machine’s performance and the verification of parameters and productivity; statistical monitoring, with the possibility of programming and varying the wrapping cycles, analysing the data through an integrated management system, planning maintenance; rapid and even preventive resolution of problems, through the signalling that the same machine sends to the dealer or directly to the Robopac technician, who can therefore obtain a precise diagnosis in very short times and prepare a remote or on site intervention, drastically reducing the downtimes of the machineries.

This system – which is fully included in the Industry 4.0 technologies – also allows Robopac to understand even more thoroughly the use of its machines, providing useful indications for the constant development of its technologies, so as to fully respond to the real needs of the users and to satisfy their needs.


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